on està el macbook pro core 2 duo?

A la web de hardmac i en els seus forus hi ha un rellevant artí­cle plantejant-se on està aquesta màquina… el més interessant però està als foros (http://forum.hardmac.com/index.php?showtopic=140&view=getnewpost ) on sempre tothom té punts de vistes i opinions de tots tipus. Jo personalment desitjaria que sortissin abans de final de mes, el meu portàtil està agonitzant.

Where are the MacBook Pro Core 2 Duo?

For weeks the hottest topics on our French forums have been those dealing with a potential MacBook Pro update. Everyone seems to be growing impatient, and with a reason.
Most laptopc PC brands already made or annonunced their upgrades, while MBP stocks have become all but virtual among gross resellers. Only the online Apple Store still announces a 24h delay out of factory.
Meanwhile, some spare parts became totally unavailable from Apple, which includes mere MacBook Pro top cases, though no leak related to this part could occur for this sudden depletion.
Really looks like Apple just recalled all those parts only to be able to go on producing those machines. Might only be an impression, of course.
Anyway it looks like something came and delayed this upgrade to a new line.
It might simply be related to this Airport issue affecting the iMac and MacBook Pro lines. If this problem is already unacceptable on a desktop machine, it will be simply untolerable for a laptop.
We shouldn’t complain anyway of any last minute delay. With the first line of Intel based Apple laptops we’ve had more than our share of problems to deal with, and we’re not eager to have once again so much machines to send back for repairs on rev. B. It seems that Apple neither is.

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